Are you ready for Summer Camp 2024?

Please use this form to submit your weekly workout goals & weekly step count target, which will be an average over the 7 days.

We start Summer Camp on 24 June, with step and workout goals commencing on Wednesday 26 June. This will continue for 13 weeks.

I look forward to a FABULOUS summer!

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Summer Camp 2024 goals

Welcome to Summer Camp 2024!

As part of the program, you will aim to reach an average daily step goal over the course of each week, as well as completing a certain number of workout recordings.  You can change this goal and increase your steps or workouts at any stage by emailing Ursula on  If you are taking a break one week, there is no need to let me know.  If you haven't hit your goal one week, I still encourage you to post your steps for accountability and consistency.  See you in the Facebook group! Ursula

As with all new and exciting ventures for your health, there is a risk involved.  By submitting this form, you understand that you are embarking on a physical activity regime that may be different to your normal activity levels.  You also confirm that you are engaging in an acceptable level of exercise for you and, as with any physical activity, your participation involves a risk of injury or possible unexpected outcomes.  You understand that you will speak to your GP about changing activity levels (new members must complete a PAR Q form) and you will inform Ursula if anything changes regarding your medical or injury status.  You also understand that there is no pressure to complete any activity in Summer Camp.  It is important that each participant consider the individual challenge against their own individual abilities.  By pressing 'submit' below, you confirm that you understand this.

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