Get stronger, healthier & feel amazing with Move It!

Option 1 – Summer Camp 2024

90 Days to change your life!

 ** Doors close 16 June **

This summer, you can build strength, gain incredible fitness, improve your health and feel amazing!

Ursula is here for you – starting 24 June.

Introducing Online Summer Camp!

Every week, Move It delivers engaging challenges and goals to motivate, encourage and improve your health!

All this and encouragement from a dedicated & caring coach over 90 days of fun, community and movement!

  • Move more than ever before! Step goals and accountability throughout the whole program.
  • All interaction is through a private Facebook group (with the additional option of Whatsapp.)
  • Over 30 pre-recorded online strength workouts and weekly check ins.
  • Team and individual challenges to motivate you every single week.
  • Focus on nourishing your body well with recipe books and inspiration.
  • Accountability and team support from other women on your journey
Click here to book – 90 Days: €299

Option 2 – Goal Smashing Program

Focus specifically on your own goals for 5 weeks

6 sessions: €499

Let’s do this!! I want to help you accelerate your progress and keep you laser focused and motivated.  Over 6 weeks, with each session, you will accelerate your goals.  You will create the steps to amazing health & vitality with encouragement from a dedicated & caring coach.

  • 6 personal 1:1 sessions with Ursula with weekly goals
  • Motivation & encouragement specifically for your individual goals
  • Individualised nutrition and fitness coaching
  • Accountability and personalised support
6 weeks: €499
Book in for a discovery call by texting ‘Smash my goals’ to 087 929 0825.  I’ll arrange a 15 minute call to chat about your goals and how I can help.

Option 3 – Move It online fitness  & strength classes – membership closed until Sept 2024

It’s an exercise class … but not as you know it!  Move It gives you more. Fun, motivational, positive 30-minute resistance & fitness classes suited to YOUR level.  Every week, 7 live class times motivate and encourage you to move more at your pace.  Every class, you are given clear instructions on how to do every exercise at your fitness level.  All you have to do is show up, and Ursula will motivate you to have more energy, increase your fitness and lose those excess pounds.  More than an exercise class.  Only €44.99  per month.

Membership now closed until September 2024