Get stronger, healthier & feel amazing in 2024!

Give the gift of health, habit and community!

January Muscle & Mindset Reset

NEW MEMBERS: €259 – 8 weeks  

CLICK HERE – until 22/12 Only (€179 USING CODE LETSMOVE)

CURRENT MEMBERS  – see email – contact Ursula
Work with Ursula for 8 weeks of movement, muscle training, delicious recipes, individual and group challenges, and so much more!
BRAND NEW FOR 2024: You will receive an individual 1:1 session (worth 99 euro) PLUS an personalised protein & macronutrient target!
8 weeks of classes, groups challenges, individual goals and buckets of encouragement and accountability from the a trainer that cares!
STARTS: Monday 15 January

With Ursula by your side, you will practice new healthy habits, move regularly, learn to fuel your body well, and have fun too!

We all know there are no quick fixes!  The most effective way to improve your health and fitness is to make small permanent changes through new habits, behaviors and routines.

Re-ignite your health, get motivated and feel good again!  As part of the Janary Reset 2024, we will work together 1:1, as well as together with individual competitions, step goals, group challenges, healthy eating targets and regular encouragement and motivation from Ursula.

Through fun, engagement and community, you learn to eat better, move way more, make new positive connections and start to move towards better daily choices.  Individual encouragement, accountability, positivity and motivation will result in permanent changes you feel great about. If you are looking to lose weight, change unhealthy habits, learn and practice getting stronger, move more or simply feel better, then this is for you!

NEW MEMBERS: €259 – 8 weeks  
Until 22/12 Only (€179 USING CODE LETSMOVE)
*39.99 a month thereafter (from 15 March) for unlimited classes.
Cancel anytime.

What’s included in Muscle & Mindset Reset 2024?

  • A personal 1:1 session with Ursula, along with individualised targets
  • Access to 7 LIVE workouts every week PLUS all the recordings
  • MyFitnessPal tracking (optional – not required)
  • A super group of positive members lead by Ursula
  • Accountability with step goals, individual targets and weekly prizes
  • Three team challenges (optional) to motivate and encourage you
  • Recipes, inspirational meal ideas and fun tutorials from Ursula
  • Key health themes over eight weeks to encourage you in all areas of health & fitness
  • Medals and team encouragement
  • Private Facebook group with accountability & fun

Give the gift of fitness and strength to a woman in your life this Christmas!

It’s an exercise class … but not as you know it!  Move It gives you more. Fun, motivational, positive 30-minute resistance & fitness classes suited to YOUR level.  Every week, 7 live class times motivate and encourage you to move more at your pace.  Every class, you are given clear instructions on how to do every exercise at your fitness level.  All you have to do is show up, and Ursula will motivate you to have more energy, increase your fitness and lose those excess pounds.  More than an exercise class.

Give the gift of 3 months of membership to the best online fitness class for women to gain strength and fitness!

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Offer 3 – Goal Smashing with Ursula

Focus specifically on your own goals for 4 weeks

Let’s do this!! I want to help you accelerate your progress and keep you laser focused and motivated.  Over 4 weeks, with each session, you will set goals that are achievable and create the steps to amazing health & vitality with encouragement from a dedicated & caring coach.

  • 4 personal 1:1 sessions with Ursula with weekly goals
  • Individualised goals and targets
  • Accountability and personalised support
Click here to buy 4 weeks for €299