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Starts Monday 25 March!

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Step Challenge goals

For the Step Challenge, you will aim to reach a step goal each week on average throughout the 7 days.  This means that you may not achieve the goal every day, and you may make up the steps on another day to complete the average.  You will need a step tracker or you can use your phone.  You also need to be a member of the Facebook Group 'Move It and Love It' to participate.  You will receive an email before the start to join the group if you are not already a member. See you in the group! Ursula

By pressing submit, you understand that you are embarking on a physical activity regime that may be different to your normal activity levels.  You also  confirm that you are engaging in an acceptable level of exercise for you and, as with any physical activity, your participation involves a risk of injury.  You understand that you will speak to your GP about changing activity levels and you will inform Ursula if anything changes regarding your medical or injury status. 

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