Photo of Move It Fitness - Ursula teaching

Fun, supportive and encouraging community to get stronger and fit for life.

My name is Ursula and I’m here to show you that fitness can be fun! Working out CAN be for you, no matter your fitness level.

I support people to feel great about moving their body and have the confidence to say proudly ‘I love to work out’. I also teach people how to easily incorporate resistance training to more effectively maintain a lean, healthy physique.

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated and feel you don’t have the confidence to start an exercise program?

My clients tell me they finally feel comfortable working out and they have been able to build up their stamina by working at their own pace. Clients also love learning resistance training at their pace, without the fear and hesitation of having to walk into the weights section of a busy gym floor.

Move It clients come back term after term and they tell me it’s because they feel great and can now fit exercise into their busy lives.

What is resistance training?

Using resistance tube bands, Move It can teach you how to safely and easily build lean muscle tissue in your body. More lean muscle tissue, which you can obtain through resistance training, supports a higher metabolism, a more toned body and better function in your everyday life!

I can also show you that everybody can fit movement into their life. You too can get fitter, stronger and happier with LIVE 30-minute workouts that are fun, effective and easy to follow.
If you’re looking for a fun welcoming and sustainable way to get fit & strong, Move It is for you!

Contact me today for a no obligation chat about how Move It can change your life!